Valladolid, April 19, 2024.- Sports Data Campus and COACHINSIDE have inked a collaboration agreement to leverage data and technology in scouting and coach performance analysis. This partnership marks a significant achievement in the convergence of sports analytics and professional football, paving the way for informed decision-making based on comprehensive data insights.

Sports Data Campus, known for its experience and trajectory in the training of professionals in sports data analysis, has become a key player in the field of soccer intelligence. With a track record of fostering collaborations and driving innovation, Sports Data Campus has continuously evolved to meet the dynamic demands of the sports industry. Through strategic alliances and cutting-edge research, the organization has solidified its position as a leading authority in sports data analysis.

COACHINSIDE: Redefining Coach Performance Analysis

COACHINSIDE is the worldwide leader in the professional measurement and analysis of coach performance, as well as in the field of coach scouting in professional football. Since the start of 2023 national and international clubs, associations, agencies and media companies have been able to work on our platform with the help of COACHINSIDE data analyses. The aim is to measure the performance of coaches deriving from the performance of their teams and to close the gap to the previously dominant field of player scouting.

The collaboration between Sports Data Campus and COACHINSIDE is structured around several key initiatives aimed at fostering knowledge exchange and innovation:

  • Internship Opportunities: COACHINSIDE will have the opportunity to host interns from Sports Data Campus, facilitating the exchange of insights and expertise between the two entities.
  • Master’s Projects: COACHINSIDE can propose Master’s projects aligned with its areas of focus, providing students with hands-on experience and practical insights into real-world challenges.
  • MasterClass Sessions: Experts from COACHINSIDE will conduct MasterClass sessions to familiarize Sports Data Campus students with the workings of COACHINSIDE’s analytical ecosystem.
  • Collaborative Training Courses: Both parties will collaborate on designing possible training courses tailored to the needs of COACHINSIDE and Sports Data Campus, enhancing the dissemination of knowledge and skills in sports analytics.

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«We are very pleased about the cooperation with Sports Data Campus. It is a great opportunity  to work with young, ambitious, high-potentials and discuss the topic in the important field coach scouting. We are also pleased to expand our network in Spain and get in touch with many other exciting companies in the field of analysis in professional sports«, commented Boris Notzon, CEO COACHINSIDE.

In the words of David Sáez, CEO of Sports Data Campus: «It is always a pleasure for us to add to our ecosystem of collaborators, the most relevant companies in the world of analytics and sport. In the case of Coachinside, if possible, it takes on greater importance, being one of the few data providers specialized, fundamentally, in analytics for professional coaches. I would especially like to thank Boris Notzon and Soeren Oliver Voigt for making this possible. We are sure that this alliance will help our students to collaborate in projects of maximum projection and real applicability in elite soccer, focused on specific data and metrics for coaches».

Beyond the outlined initiatives, the collaboration between Sports Data Campus and COACHINSIDE holds the promise of unlocking synergies and exploring new avenues for collaboration. By leveraging their collective expertise and resources, the two entities are poised to drive innovation and shape the future of sports analytics in football.

Looking Ahead

As the sports industry continues to embrace data-driven decision-making, partnerships like the one between Sports Data Campus and COACHINSIDE underscore the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. By combining their respective strengths, these organizations are not only enhancing the efficacy of scouting and coach performance analysis but also paving the way for a new era of informed decision-making in professional football.

Through strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts, the two entities are poised to reshape the landscape of sports analytics, empowering teams and stakeholders with actionable insights and intelligence.

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