Valladolid, April 25th, 2024.- In the ever-evolving landscape of professional football, innovation is key to staying ahead of the game. Sports Data Campus and SAIVA (Sports AI Virtual Assistant), two entities set to transform the industry through their groundbreaking collaboration. This partnership marks a significant step towards integrating science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies into football decision-making processes, with the ultimate goal of enhancing performance and strategy on the field.

Introducing SAIVA

SAIVA, the brainchild of Turing AI Cultures GmbH, represents the pinnacle of AI and VR analysis software tailored specifically for football. Launched in 2018, SAIVA has swiftly gained recognition for its advanced features, including pre- and post-match analysis, immersive education modules, and an AI-driven coaching assistant. Developed through a collaborative effort between AI and VR experts, professional coaches, and sports scientists, SAIVA embodies innovation at its finest, offering teams and athletes a competitive edge like never before.

The partnership between Sports Data Campus and SAIVA is founded on a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in football technology. At its core, the agreement aims to facilitate seamless collaboration between the two entities, fostering an environment where knowledge exchange and mutual learning thrive.

Sports Data Campus has long been at the forefront of fostering the harnessing of data to optimize performance in soccer and sport in general. With a vision to merge cutting-edge technology with the complexities of the beautiful game, our training entity has forged strategic alliances with clubs, soccer associations and leading companies in the industry. Through these partnerships, we have continually expanded our expertise and refined our methodologies, cementing our reputation as a pioneer in the education of professionals in the field of sports analytics.

Key highlights of the collaboration include:

  • Internship Opportunities: SAIVA will open its doors to students from Sports Data Campus, providing them with invaluable hands-on experience within the company’s diverse teams. This exchange of knowledge will enable both parties to harness their collective expertise towards innovative solutions for football analytics.
  • Masters Project Proposals: SAIVA will have the opportunity to propose Masters projects aligned with its areas of focus. Working closely with Sports Data Campus, SAIVA will define project scopes, with students applying to contribute their skills and insights under the guidance of assigned tutors.
  • MasterClass Sessions: Professionals from SAIVA will conduct MasterClass sessions, offering Sports Data Campus students a firsthand glimpse into the inner workings of the company’s analytical ecosystem. These sessions will serve to inspire and educate future talents in the field of sports technology.
  • Collaborative Course Design: Both entities have the opportunity to collaborate on the design of courses tailored to meet the evolving demands of the sports technology landscape.

«At SAIVA, we’re thrilled about teaming up with Sports Data Campus. This partnership lets us showcase the amazing ways our AI & VR-related product is used. Plus, we get to teach students worldwide about the science behind our smart tech, especially as technology keeps evolving rapidly«, expressed from SAIVA.

David Sáez, CEO of Sports Data Campus, says: «We are immensely grateful to Saiva for this unique opportunity to collaborate. It is always a pleasure to see how our students can contribute and learn in cutting-edge companies like Saiva. This partnership not only strengthens our goal of incorporating emerging companies into our collaborative ecosystem to reinforce the sector, but also allows our students to join disruptive and innovative projects.»

As the partnership between Sports Data Campus and SAIVA unfolds, the possibilities for collaboration are endless. From exploring synergies in data analytics to co-developing groundbreaking technologies, the agreement sets the stage for a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise.

The partnership between Sports Data Campus and SAIVA represents a new commitment to innovation in the way technology is leveraged to elevate performance and decision making in soccer.

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