Valladolid, April 8th, 2024.- Sports Data Campus and the data analytics company Cross Court Analytics have joined forces in a collaborative agreement. This partnership represents a significant step forward in harnessing data and technology to enhance decision-making within the sport, highlighting a shared commitment to innovation and progress. Sports Data Campus, known for its expertise in sports analytics education, has continually evolved through strategic alliances with leading data companies. With a focus on empowering professionals and students alike with cutting-edge analytical tools, Sports Data Campus has paved the way for advancements in various sports disciplines.

On the other hand, Cross Court Analytics has emerged as a trailblazer in bringing statistical rigor and objective assessments to squash. By collecting an impressive 10,000 data points per match, the company provides players and fans with invaluable insights into shot location, types, winners, errors, rally lengths, and refereeing decisions. Their data-driven approach not only quantifies well-established squash phenomena but also uncovers new observations that contribute to a deeper understanding of the game.

«Beyond my personal passion for Squash, I have to say that this agreement has a special relevance for us because the fact that our students can have the opportunity to develop their analytical skills in multiple sports is something that perfectly complements their training. We are sure that this door that opens to develop projects in the field of Squash will allow us to develop, through our students, high impact projects to contribute to the development of analytical ecosystems for this sport», commented David R. Sáez. CEO Sports Data Campus.

«We’re delighted to offer our unique datasets to Sports Data Campus researchers keen to further their own data analysis and visualisation skills – and in doing so help the squash world answer questions about the sport. By analysing our datasets and producing answers to research questions, you will be making a novel contribution to the world of squash, as the sport begins its journey in data analytics», they pointed out from Cross Court Analytics.

The collaboration between Sports Data Campus and Cross Court Analytics includes several key points aimed at leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise. Firstly, Cross Court Analytics will have the opportunity to host students from Sports Data Campus for internships within their data platform teams. This exchange of information and knowledge will facilitate ongoing collaboration and learning between the two entities.

Additionally, Cross Court Analytics can propose Master’s thesis projects tailored to their specific areas of focus. With the guidance of Sports Data Campus, students will have the opportunity to contribute to real-world projects, gaining valuable experience while addressing business needs.

Moreover, professionals from Cross Court Analytics will conduct MasterClasses to provide Sports Data Campus students with insights into their analytical ecosystem and work processes. These sessions will offer a unique understanding into the inner workings of Cross Court Analytics, enriching the educational experience of the students.

Looking ahead, both parties will explore the possibility of jointly designing collaborative training courses that supply to the interests of Cross Court Analytics and Sports Data Campus. This forward-thinking approach aims to elevate the partnership to new heights, driving innovation and knowledge exchange in the field of squash analytics.

This collaboration underscores the significance of cross-industry partnerships in advancing the field of sports analytics. By combining the expertise of Sports Data Campus with the innovative approach of Cross Court Analytics, both organizations are poised to make significant strides in enhancing decision-making and performance analysis in squash.

The partnership between Sports Data Campus and Cross Court Analytics represents a fusion of expertise, innovation, and a shared passion for advancing the frontiers of sports analytics. As they embark on this collaborative journey, the possibilities for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in squash are endless.

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