Valladolid, 10th July 2024.- Innovation and technology play an essential role in the evolution of sports organisations, improving their operations, developing new strategies to engage fans and anticipating revenue opportunities. In this context, and with the aim of constantly contributing to technological progress in the field of sport, Sports Data Campus has launched the MSc Innovation and Technology in Sport Entities, a unique training programme in its category. It is the only Masters programme endorsed by the leading university in the field of sport, UCAM, and designed in collaboration with Sevilla FC.

The MSc Innovation and Technology in Sport Entities will offer exclusive and cutting-edge content, designed to train professionals working at the intersection of innovation, technology and the management of sport. The first edition will start on 22 October 2024. It will last 12 months and consist of 10 modules, all of which will be delivered entirely online.

Through the application of new technologies, this programme will prepare different professional profiles to lead the transformation of sports organisations. Students will have a comprehensive understanding and the necessary skills to succeed in a competitive sports world upon completion of this postgraduate programme.


We stand out as the leading reference campus and the largest community for technology and sport in the Spanish-speaking world. Our expertise is unparalleled, with a track record of educating more than 2,100 students in all major leagues and sports. 

With partnerships with over 60 professional clubs and teams and over 90 industry-leading companies, we offer an unparalleled training experience that is accessible at any time.

We have a community of high-level professionals for networking and knowledge sharing. World-class training is guaranteed by our prestigious faculty and masterclasses, which are among the best in the world. Exclusive events provide valuable networking opportunities.


The MSc Innovation and Technology in Sport Entities is focused on equipping students with the expertise to define, structure and supervise digital transformation processes in different areas of sports organisations, both at a local level and at a global level. 

It explores the use of new technologies and different project management methodologies. These are fundamental to the design, implementation and maintenance of innovation and continuous improvement systems. The programme also addresses the full lifecycle of data and its effective use in decision-making, both in fan interaction and on the pitch. 

Students will also have an understanding of the various data collection techniques specific to sports organisations. They will also develop strategic skills in the use of virtual machines and cloud models in line with the requirements of specific projects.

The master’s programme also deals with the formulation of business strategies in clubs and the development of leadership profiles adapted to new needs. It analyses how to attract, retain and monetise audiences and examines the relationship between fans and sports marketing strategies.

It also explores the concept of branding and digital branding in sport, as well as sponsoring, partnering and licensing models that can increase revenues for sports properties. The programme explores new digital niches to expand and monetise, such as eSports, as well as focusing on the traditional aspects of sports. In addition, it will examine the talent recruitment process, the player development and training cycle, and the use of technology to enhance sports performance, including the prevention of injuries.



Our institution is at the forefront of innovation in sports education under the esteemed academic leadership of David R. Sáez, CEO of the Sports Data Campus (ENIIT/Big Data International Campus), José María Cruz, Head of R&D&i at Sevilla FC, and Juan Esteban Gómez Llamas, Head of Digitalisation & Continuous Improvement at Sevilla FC.

Together, we use cutting-edge research and industry expertise to ensure a holistic approach to training. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom, providing students with unprecedented access to knowledge and opportunities in the dynamic field of sports technology and management.


With a list of qualified and experienced instructors that includes Víctor Orta, Sports Director at Sevilla FC; Jesús Olivera Fernández, Data Football Manager at Sevilla Fútbol Club; Pablo Sanzol, Data Analysis Manager at SD Eibar; Ramón Vázquez, Head of Analysis at Sevilla FC; Lucas Bracamonte, Graduate in Information Systems Engineering and Master in Sports Big Data from UCAM and Opta Sports; José María Cruz de Andrés, Managing Director of Sevilla Fútbol Club; Jesús Arroyo Sánchez, Assistant General Manager and Lawyer at Sevilla Fútbol Club; Elías Zamora Sillero, Chief Data Officer at Sevilla FC; Vanessa Basora Rodríguez, Global Head of Brand and Digital at Sevilla Fútbol Club; Javier Fernández Rodríguez, Senior Data Scientist at Sportian; José Miguel do Carmo, Data Analyst at Sporting Clube de Braga, among other distinguished professionals, our institution ensures a comprehensive and expert-led learning experience.


Our masterclass series features insights from professional analysts, sports directors, coaches and employees, such as Eugenio Alonso, Sales Manager Southern Europe at Stats Perform; Montse García, Elite Executive Account at Hudl & Wyscout; Rafael Repiso, Process and Digital Development Coordinator at Cádiz CF; Raquel Romo, Coaching Staff at Perfumerías Avenida; Borja Gómez, Director at BePro Spain; Sara Carmona, Head Data Analyst at You First Sports; José Rodríguez, Data and Performance Analyst at Aston Villa F. C; Miguel A. Ferreira, Head of Data Analysis at Sporting Clube de Portugal; Raquel Romo, Perfumerías Avenida Coaching Staff; Pablo Gutiérrez, Spanish Hockey Federation, among others. These masterclasses will provide invaluable insight and expertise from some of the leading professionals in the field.


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