On the 5th of July 2024, Ecuador faced Argentina in the CONMEBOL Quarterfinals, delivering an exceptional performance that captivated fans and analysts alike. Despite losing in the penalty shootout (4-2), Ecuador’s efforts on the field were nothing short of outstanding. They managed to score one goal, execute 19 killer passes, and create three big chances, all leading to an expected goals (xG) rate of 1.73. This statistic underscores the numerous opportunities Ecuador created throughout the match, a testament to their offensive prowess and determination.

The following graphs illustrate Ecuador’s pass network, shot map, and key passing, showcasing their impressive performance in various aspects of the game.


Argentina’s Killer Passes and Set Pieces


Argentina’s strategy in the match was highlighted by their killer passes and effective set pieces, which played a crucial role in their performance. The team’s ability to convert set pieces into scoring opportunities was evident and contributed significantly to their gameplay.




The Great Performance of MVP Lissandro Martinez, CB


Lissandro Martinez was named the MVP of the match due to his outstanding contributions both offensively and defensively. His pivotal role included scoring a crucial goal for Argentina, which almost secured their victory. Martinez’s defensive efforts were equally impressive, as Argentina conceded a goal only after his substitution. The graph provided highlights several key performance metrics for Lissandro Martinez, emphasizing his significant impact throughout the match.


The Great Performance of Argentina’s GK Emiliano Martinez


Emiliano Martinez, Argentina’s goalkeeper, played a crucial role in securing the team’s victory, especially during the penalty shootouts. With a remarkable save ratio of 50%, having saved 12 out of 24 penalties faced for Argentina, his performance was exceptional. Martinez’s ability to save penalties gave his teammates the confidence to perform at their best, knowing that the team had a strong last line of defense. This was particularly evident during high-pressure situations and penalty shootouts, where his saves were decisive.


The Penalty Shootout That Gave Argentina the Victory


The penalty shootout was the decisive moment that secured Argentina’s victory over Ecuador. The shot map from the penalty shootout provides a visual representation of the critical moments that led to Argentina’s win. The shootout highlighted the skills and mental toughness of both teams, but ultimately, Argentina emerged victorious.




Ecuador’s exceptional performance against the world champions, Argentina, showcased their talent and determination. Despite the outcome, their offensive capabilities and strategic gameplay were evident. Lissandro Martinez and Emiliano Martinez’s performances were key factors in Argentina’s success, with their contributions on both ends of the field proving to be decisive. The match was a thrilling display of skill, strategy, and resilience, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future encounters.