Valladolid, 26 February 2024.- Sports Data Campus and APOEL FC, one of the oldest and most successful teams in Cyprus, have established a partnership that marks a milestone in the implementation of advanced data analytics tools, as well as a crucial step towards the digital transformation of this historic football institution. This project involves the application of the latest techniques in advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, with the aim of improving and optimizing decision-making in all areas relevant to the club. It is an innovative plan designed to foster both the sporting and institutional growth of APOEL FC by the hand of the Professional Extension Department of our training entity.


Since 1926, until the present time, APOEL, the Athletic Football team of the Greek Cypriots of Nicosia,  is the most successful football team in Cyprus. APOEL FC has also become the most famous Cypriot team in the world, mainly because of its many recent European successes. In Cyprus it is the sole team which possesses a total of 63 titles, and the first team that managed to surpass 20 league titles (28 in total). Its colors are yellow and blue, and it is supported by almost one third of the Cypriot population and the fans are by far the most passionate in Cyprus but also among the most loyal fans in Europe.

The club is based in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus and is one of the oldest on the island.

«At APOEL FC, we are delighted to start a collaboration with Sports Data Campus this season. With their expertise in data analysis and advanced technology, we believe that this will enhance our workflow and provide a more efficient analysis process. As a Club, we pride ourselves on creating a forward-thinking environment of excellence and we have no doubt that this collaboration will support us in reaching our potential and objectives we have set within the Club. We hope that this collaboration will be beneficial for both parties, providing the students a platform of learning and training in real-working environments», they pointed out from APOEL FC.

As David. R. Sáez, CEO of Sports Data Campus: «Being able to add a Club of the relevance and prestige of APOEL Nicosia to our pool of collaborators reinforces our internationalization project and opens a new range of possibilities for all our students, national and international, so that they can complement their training, in an immersive way, in elite teams. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pablo Jiménez-Bravo, our Head of International Programs, and Neophytos Haralambous, First Team Football Analyst at APOEL FC, for their collaboration in making this possible».

The agreement between Sports Data Campus and APOEL FC covers several key aspects.

Sports Data Campus will work closely with APOEL FC to identify both immediate and medium-term needs, with the aim of offering the best possible help through internships or projects developed by the talents trained in our entity, which will allow valuable practical experience for them and a contribution of knowledge for specific areas of the entity.

A highlight of this partnership is the opportunity for APOEL FC professionals to give MasterClasses, thus sharing their vast experience and knowledge with Sports Data Campus students. This initiative will not only enrich the students’ learning, but will also strengthen the ties between the two institutions.

The collaboration with APOEL FC not only consolidates our existing ecosystem of partners, but also opens up new opportunities to explore additional synergies throughout our partnership. This facilitates flexible adaptation to emerging opportunities, thus fostering a dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship. Our goal is to effectively integrate analytics and data leveraging into the fundamental sports processes for a professional club.

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