The Euro 2024 quarter-final match between France and Portugal proved to be captivating, with Portugal creating numerous chances that they were unable to score. France ultimately secured victory in the penalty shootout, with ‘Magic’ Mike Maignan once again shining brightly and stealing the show.



Portugal posed their main threat down the left-hand side, where Leao and Nuno Mendes combined effectively, taking on defenders to create scoring opportunities. France, meanwhile, focused on breaking quickly on the counter-attack. Despite both teams’ efforts, neither managed to score during regular play, leading to a penalty shootout that determined the outcome. France advanced to the Euro semi-finals following the shootout.



France’s Counterattacking Strategy and Portugal’s Left-Side Threat

France’s passes network with subs included



Germany’s passes network with subs included

France’s strategy focused on exploiting Portugal’s turnovers in dangerous areas. Portugal, especially effective on the left wing with Leao’s skill in one-on-one situations, utilized Ronaldo’s deep playmaking to set up runners like Bruno Fernandes to exploit gaps in the defense.


The Penalty Shootout Thrill

With neither side able to break the deadlock, the match went to penalties where almost all players executed their shots to perfection, except for unfortunate Joao Felix who hit the post. France continued their trend of seizing opportunities and punishing their opponents effectively.



Envisioning France going all the way will be challenging considering the close calls in their matches, but in knockout football, anything can happen. It will be intriguing to see if France can match Spain’s pace and control of the game. Despite Spain’s suspensions, France has the potential to capitalize and potentially reach their second Euro final in three editions.