Winning the 15th Champions League was not enough for Real Madrid and it has achieved another cherished goal. The white club has announced the signing of a target long pursued by the board: Kylian Mbappé. The arrival of this French star raises several questions: Will he fit into the tactical scheme? What are the reasons behind his signing at this time? How does Ancelotti plan to integrate him into the team?

Here’s a data-driven analysis of Kylian Mbappé’s arrival at Real Madrid.

how will MBAPPé and Vinícius JR. play together?

The crucial question is how he and Vinícius will complement each other on the pitch. Both prefer to play on the left, but Mbappé also enjoys receiving the ball in the center, where he can deploy his playmaking ability. He is not a pure winger like Vinícius; he is more similar to Benzema in his style of play (see heat map against Borussia Dortmund in the first leg of the 22/23 season, compared to Benzema).

in which area of the field will he play??

We will not see the Mbappé of recent years at PSG; he will have to adapt to a more central position, where Madrid have had more difficulties this season. He will fit perfectly into Ancelotti’s plans, considering that the challenge of integrating Bellingham was much more complex and exceeded all expectations.

mbappé como creador de juego

Known for his swift runs and lethal finishing, Mbappé’s ability as a playmaker is often underestimated. He is above the 90th percentile among strikers in this skill, indicating that he and Vinícius Jr. will not compete for the same positions, but will complement each other on the field.

mbappé: regate & pases progresivos

Mbappé’s dribbling and progressive passing make him a lethal addition to Madrid’s attack. His ability to connect with teammates and move forward quickly, as he has shown in his games for PSG, promises to significantly boost the team’s offense.

Real Madrid’s flexible system will allow both players to thrive. The midfield structure, with the likes of Bellingham and Valverde, is designed to support this type of unbalanced but effective attack.

Ancelotti’s ability to experiment with formations would allow Mbappé and Vinícius Jr. to play together in a fluid front line. Not only would Real Madrid benefit from Mbappé’s talent, but he would also raise the level of the team… and that is a truly frightening prospect.

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